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Attracting & developing talent

Building a sustainable company is at the core of everything we do. Our employees are our most valuable resource, and one of the most important aspects of responsible growth is attracting and retaining exceptional talent. It starts with how we recruit new teammates to our company, and extends to the many ways we support employees’ professional development, career growth and engagement once they’re here.


Our Global Talent Acquisition team is responsible for filling all roles across the company with the highest quality candidates – both internally and externally – to meet our business needs and help us grow responsibly. To drive sustainable growth in a changing and increasingly competitive job market, we are enhancing our strategy – including modernizing our recruiting processes and tools – as we continue building a diverse workforce and enhancing internal opportunities across the company.

Through recruitment efforts and partnerships, we're attracting some of the best and diverse talent from around the world. Globally, we partner with over 33 diversity organizations and partnerships , and our campus recruiting team sources from more than 200 colleges, universities and partner organizations across the globe to secure exceptional talent for our internship and full time programs. In the U.S., we partner with 12 diverse colleges and universities, including Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Hispanic Serving Institutions and Women’s Colleges. In 2017, our EMEA recruiting team launched a new partnership with upReach, a not-for-profit that provides opportunities to undergraduates from less-privileged backgrounds to broaden students’ professional aspirations and help them explore potential career options.

Our military and veteran recruiting team partners with a variety of organizations and attends job fairs to find talented military service members, military spouses and veterans to join our company. In November 2016, we launched a new Military partnership with Degreed to support veterans as they transition into the corporate workforce.

In addition to traditional recruitment channels and partnerships, we’re continually pushing ourselves to innovate: we’re digitizing our processes, making our platforms and tools more accessible via mobile and identifying opportunities to interact with candidates through their preferred channels. A few examples of the recruiting enhancements we’ve launched include:

  • Expanding our campus recruiting processes and tools, like redesigning the campus website and developing a new candidate management system enabled for mobile that allows candidates to view postings, schedule interviews, and interact with recruiters via their personal devices.
  • Hosting interactive webcasts for candidates to provide access to events and workshops with our business leaders and recruiters, regardless of candidates’ geographic location.

Internally, at all levels throughout the company, we’re helping employees move across businesses and roles by enhancing internal mobility to provide employees better visibility and greater cross-functional opportunities.

Learn more about career opportunities with Bank of America.

Personal development

We know how important it is for employees to develop and progress in their careers, and provide a variety of resources to help teammates grow in their current role, build new skills or take on new responsibilities.

It starts when employees first join the company or take on a new role. We’ve updated our onboarding and new hire resources to be more interactive and useful. Additionally, teammates across HR are focused on helping our new hires as well as current employees moving into new roles get started, including through dedicated programs for some of our specialized roles like our Global Banking & Markets (GBAM) and Wholesale Credit analysts, Retail Banking contact centers and Consumer Collections.

Additionally, we know that people learn best in a variety of ways, so we offer a range of learning options, from instructor-led learning and web-based training to eBooks and videos — ensuring our employees can access what they need when they need it to develop skills and expertise to better do their jobs and serve our customers and clients. Our innovative Learning Hub lets employees create personalized learning plans tailored to their roles and interests, and provides access to millions of books, articles, courses and videos. Through the hub, employees can form groups with colleagues to share knowledge and build skills together, as well as learn on their own time with mobile and home access capabilities. To complete required training, our recently updated myLearning tool makes it easier for employees to find and complete courses targeted to the skills they want to develop. In 2016, our employees completed over 9 million learning hours – including both required and discretionary learning – to help them be successful in their current roles and prepare themselves for future opportunities. We also encourage our employees to explore external opportunities for learning. In the U.S., employees can get up to $5,250 in tuition reimbursement per year for college courses related to a current or future role.

Our managers are critical to influencing our company culture and supporting employees in their career development. To drive manager development and help managers build their skills as leaders, we invest in programs that address different components of development, from resources for new managers, to the Manager Excellence program and other ongoing development opportunities. Through our popular Manager Excellence program, senior leaders and industry experts share insights and practical tips on a variety of business relevant topics, including diversity and inclusion efforts. Last year, more than 75% of eligible managers voluntarily participated in some form of manager development – including virtual, digital and live training opportunities. And the results speak for themselves: managers who participate have lower direct report turnover, give more recognition rewards to their employees, and have stronger performance and better employee engagement scores than those who don’t.

Career growth

Making it easier for our employees to grow and continue their careers at the company allows us to retain talent and institutional knowledge, driving stability across all we do for customers, clients and each other. We’ve made great progress in helping all employees achieve their personal career goals and better support our customers and clients. In 2014, we developed myCareer — an internal career site that offers enhanced job search capabilities and career planning tools.

When employees are ready to pursue a new role, our myCareer site provides job search capabilities and career planning tools to explore career options, find opportunities that fit individual interests and sign up to receive alerts when new job openings are available.

In addition to myCareer, our Career Path tool improves career planning for roles across Consumer. This tool was designed to help employees identify potential next roles based on how they want to expand their career. The tool has received on average 30,000 page views per month, and as a result of the positive feedback we’ve received, we’re looking to expand this to include more roles across the company. Additionally, in our Consumer business, we recently expanded our employee learning and development program, known as the Consumer Academy, reinforcing our customer-centric culture, supporting our brand in the marketplace, and fostering career growth and professional development for all Consumer employees.

Employee engagement and ongoing listening

We recognize the importance of receiving employee feedback through formal surveys and informal means — and in taking action on the feedback we receive from our teams. It’s the heart of all of our efforts in creating an inclusive workplace.

Many of our programs and efforts were created based on the feedback we receive from our teammates. After each Employee Engagement Survey, the management team, as well as every line of business, reviews the results to evaluate ongoing efforts to improve the employee experience. Employee engagement action teams are formed to gain a deeper understanding of the survey results, prioritize issues and concerns, and develop solutions. These action teams are also a vehicle to gather employee feedback on an ongoing basis, on both the issues and the solutions.

In addition to surveys, employees are encouraged to share their feedback in many other ways – through direct feedback with their managers during performance management discussions, regular employee town hall meetings, line-of-business meetings and Flagscape, our intranet for employees. Through Flagscape, we run a program called “Speak Up!” that encourages all employees to share feedback, ideas, questions, and success stories with management. In 2016, employees posted over 17,000 submissions through the program.

The conversation with our employees about their experience at Bank of America never ends. We’ll continue to learn from their diverse perspectives, and together, we’ll work to make our company an even greater place to work.

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